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Exceptional Business Services

Work toward total business improvement with the experts at Red2Black Advisors. Founder is significantly involved with every professional engagement service provided. Our professional business advisors are based in Pacific Northwest and nationwide.

“Why Leo Rosenberger and team? Because they understand all aspects of business. Understanding not only the finance issues but also how the sales and operations disciplines intertwine with the financial issues make Leo a valuable resource. In today’s business economy, you must have expertise that spans your entire business. Like a well-oiled machine all parts must work together with a common focus...”

Doug Sackville
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Business Improvement

We provide this service as advisors/troubleshooters and intend to assist management, lenders, boards of directors, and other stakeholders by providing independent advice from professionals that have hands-on operational and financial experience. Our services are directed at boosting operating performance and increasing business value.

Services may also include:

  • Business review and assessment, including existing business plans and projections
  • Cash maximization plans and procedures
  • Financial planning and management
  • Cost reduction planning

Mergers & Acquisitions - Due Diligence

We provide this service as advisors and troubleshooters. Our experts focus on the financial statements and financial statement projections of the target company, and provide a knowledgeable independent perspective to assist buyers with their understanding of the target business. We identify risks, and challenge the underlying financial assumptions associated with the target's current and projected financial results.

Business Turnaround

We provide this service as interim executive managers or as a court appointed trustee. Typically we would act as officers and members of your company’s executive management team. Our tenure as CEO, COO, CFO, President Chief Restructuring Officer and/or Board director would be limited as outlined in an engagement letter or employment contract similar to other key employees. This service is typically provided in situations where existing management has lost the confidence of its board of directors, equity holders, lenders, or other stakeholders.

Services may also include:

  • Debt negotiation/restructuring service is designed to clean-up the company’s balance sheet to the extent possible, prepare budgets, and generally assist to make the company more attractive to competing lenders.
  • Bankruptcy and out of court workout situations
  • Alternative plans to assist business recovery
  • Asset recovery/Business Receiver
  • service is provided to the business that has exhausted all efforts to continue in normal operation and has determined that the most probable course to take to maximize return to its stakeholders is an orderly wind down.


Strategic & Emergency Management

We provide these services as an executive member of a company's Board of Directors or as an interim executive manager. The strategic management service is typically the result of investors or other stakeholders requiring either additional strategic support for existing management, and/or additional representation on the company's board of directors. The emergency management service is typically the result of an unexpected and sudden loss or departure of a key executive(s) of the company. Our service is intended to provide sufficient time to recruit and hire a replacement(s), while maintaining stability in the business operation.